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Aloe ‘Purple Haze’

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The drought-tolerant purple haze aloe belongs to the aloaceae family and is a native to Madagascar, South Africa, and India. The hybrid was formed in 2020. The purple aloe plant grows as an upright rosette reaching almost 6 inches in height. It exhibits a moderate growth rate. Even though it can grow in poor soil and water conditions, it needs bright direct sunlight. The leaves have a unique frosty purplish appearance with fringed edges hence the name purple haze plant. This summer-dormant plant is slightly frost-hardy. At least four to five times a year, it breaks into multiple inflorescences that bear 10 to 20 vivid red flowers.

Growth Rate
Purple haze plants have a moderate growth rate.

Purple haze plant pictures look amazing with red-colored flowers that grow on an inflorescence. There is no specific blooming period as the full-grown purple haze plant can flower 4 to 5 times a year.

Watering and Feeding
This plant’s water needs are minimal. Water your perennial succulent only when the soil is completely dry. No fertilization is required.

One important purple haze plant info is that the plant needs porous, well-drained soil. Water lodging at roots can cause it to rot.

The purple haze pot plant is slightly frost-hardy. It grows well in hardiness zones between 10 and 13.

Aloe purple haze loves bright and direct sunlight but not artificial lights.

This plant is best propagated via offshoots or tissue culture.

The purple haze plant pics are so brilliantly impressive. Imagine how good it will look in real life in your succulent garden! Since this is a new hybrid, the toxicity of the purple haze juice is yet unknown. In case of ingestion by pets, kindly consult with a vet.

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