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Aloe pepe

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Aloe pepe originates from Madagascar (Africa) and is commonly known as ‘Aloe Descoingsii’. The main features of this plant are its fleshy triangular green leaves with beautiful white dots. This summer-dormant succulent grows up to 5 cm (2”) in height and belongs to the aloaceae family.

Growth Rate

The growth rate of this plant is slow.


This succulent plant blooms in lovely pink-orange colors during spring.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer

Aloe pepe should not sit in water and excess amounts of water should be avoided. The best way is to use the soak and dry method.


Like other succulent plants, Aloe descoingsii needs a well-drained soil mixture that is essential.


These plants belong to the hardiness zone of 10a and have a frost tolerance of -1.1° C (30.02° F).


Aloe pepe needs full sun to partial shade. When you plant this succulent in the garden, make sure it gets proper sunlight to grow. But if you live in a colder area, try to keep an indoor environment.


The propagation method of this Aloe species is possible through leaves, cuttings, offsets, and seeds.

Aloe pepe is a ​​beautiful succulent plant to décor your garden or home. This attractive plant grows beautifully.

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