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Aloe karasbergensis

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Aloe karasbergensis

Common name: Coral Aloe

Flowers: Green-tipped pink to pale coral-red.
Blooming season: Flowers multiple times a year but mainly in mid to late winter and flowers last up to three months.
Growth rate: It is a pretty fast grower and appreciates a lot of water in warmer weather. Even young plants grow fairly quickly in the garden or in good sized pot.

Watering: Water aloes more than other succulents, keeping in mind that the pots dry out between watering. Keep dry in winter or when night temperatures remain below 10° C. Outdoors it grows to astonishing proportions also in areas with wet winters, so don't be afraid to plant this in a high-rainfall area.

Exposure: It will do its best in full sun to light shade. Will handle very harsh sunlight, sometimes taking on a coppery leaf sheen, a sign generally associated with stress.

Hardiness: It is a hardy aloe but not completely frost resistant. It will survive a light frost, but the flowers will not, but for safe cultivation, it is best to avoid freezing temperatures. USDA Zone 9.

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