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Aloe Hybrid

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Aloe hybrids are quite a popular way of amping up the decor of your homes, offices, and gardens. Belonging to the Asphodelaceae family, this hybrid has a characteristic single stemless rosette with light-green leaves marked by yellow dots. The red margin accentuates the foliage further. These Aloes are winter-dormant and not frost-hardy. During fall, the plant bears reddish or pink-colored flowers. The hybrid aloe vera plant grows between 25 to 45 cm. This plant is of garden origin and has a marked slow growth rate. For best growth, it should be exposed to light shade to filtered sun.

Growth Rate

Aloe hybrids are slow-growing plants.


This hybrid sprouts into tubular reddish or pinkish flowers during fall.


One of the Hybrid aloe care tips is to water the plant regularly throughout the hot seasons and reduce it during winters.


Ensure that the plant is grown in well-ventilated soil with good drainage.


The hardiness zone for the hybrid is 8 - 11. It is not frost-hardy.


The plant needs light shade to partial sun.


This Aloe species can be propagated by the division of the mother plant.

Aloe hybrid is an amazing addition to your succulent collection. It acts as the perfect showpiece and showcases your gardening skills.

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