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Aloe Distans

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Aloe distans is commonly known as ‘Jewel aloe’ and is native to South Africa. The plant reaches up to 5 inches in height and belongs to the Asphodelaceae family. Each leaf of the winter-dormant Jewel aloe is soft. The triangular leaves are around 5 inches and 3 inches wide. The Aloe distans plant is easy to grow and maintain.

Growth Rate

The growth rate of the Jewel aloe is slow.


This plant blooms during the March-May season. The beautiful Yellow/orange/red-colored flowers bloom which makes the plant attractive.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer

This plant needs less water in the winter season. In summer, water regularly. You can add fertilizers to make it healthier.


The Aloe distans plant needs loamy, sandy, and well-drained soil. You can mix alkaline pH to grow it properly.


The hardiness of the plant is 9a to 11b, with a frost tolerance of -3.9°C (24.98°F).


You can plant this adorable Aloe species anywhere under full sunlight. Although this plant can survive in partial sunlight, full sunlight is more beneficial for its growth.


Jewel aloe can be propagated through offsets or seeds.

Aloe distans plants are perfect to grow in small containers or pots. They become easier to place at any corner of the house.

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