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Aloe castilloniae

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Description: Aloe castilloniae is a low growing richly branched aloe species, forming large groups of up to 1 meter in diameter. Its rarity and peculiar foliage makes it a very marketable species.

Flowers: Bright orange-red.

Cultivation and propagation: This Aloe is tough, sun and drought tolerant, but also will do well in partial-shade. The plants make active growth in fall/winter and propagate easily.

Soil: Porous soil with adequate drainage.

Watering: It takes little water and could rot if watered too often. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. It can take a great deal of drought but seems to do better with regular (but moderated) watering and it is best to refrain from watering it until the root ball has dried out completely.

Exposition: It needs full sun to light shade with ample airflow. Though in warmer climates it needs protection from too much sun because it is not very heat tolerant.

Frost tolerance: Protect from frost. They are intolerant to frost.

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