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Saw Leaf Agave - Agave xylonocantha 'Swordfish'

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Agave xylonacantha Swordfish goes by the common name “Saw Leaf Agave” or "Century Plant". This succulent is sword-shaped. The plant originates in Mexico and belongs to the family of Agavaceae. This summer-dormant agave plant can grow up to any height between 2 to 3 feet.

Growth Rate
Like all Agaves, the century plant is also a fast-growing succulent. Some of them are known to start growing within two weeks of being potted and nurtured!

If you are growing Agave xylonocantha Swordfish, you will witness yellow and green flowers. The leaves are fleshy and gray-green.

Watering and Feeding
This plant needs plenty of water to thrive and prosper. Feed the century plant during its growing season with a balanced fertilizer at half strength once a month.

Sandy soil with a good drainage system is ideal for Agave xylonacantha Swordfish. Since they are used to surviving in desert climates, they are highly drought tolerant.

Agave xylonacantha Swordfish grows best in the winter season. Talking about its frost tolerance, it is anywhere between -6.7° C (20° F) to -3.9° C (25° F). The hardiness zone is 8 to 11.

Provide full and ample sunlight to your succulent. While younger plants adjust well in partial shade, matured ones can be exposed to increased hours of sunlight.

You can choose between seeds or suckers for propagation. Remove the basal suckers in spring or summer and let the cutting dry for a few days. Once dried, insert in compost.

Saw Leaf Agaves are considered to be plants that are guaranteed to make an eye-catching statement. Their best use is to add some color to your garden or house for a change of scenery.

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