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Agave utahensis eborispina

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Origin and habitat: Nopah Mountains.

Description: Agave utahensis var. eborispina (Ivory-spined Agave) is a small clump forming agave to 20-30 cm talland 30 cm wide with 10-15 cm long leaves that have heavily toothed leaf margins and stout 4-7 cm long, wavy, papery, ivory-coloured terminal spines. When plants mature in habitat they flower in late winter with 1.8-3.6 m tall spikes.

Cultivation and propagation: It is a very cold hardy form of the species. It is theoretically hardy to -18°C (or more) particularly when dry. It is a relative easy-to-grow species. Need a very well-drained, soil. It grows fairly fast in summer if provided with copious water but allows to dry thoroughly before watering again. During the winter months, one should only water enough to keep the leaves from shrivelling. They do well in full sun or a lightly shaded area. Plants cultivated outdoors are drought tolerant and takes blasting heat and full sun. It is a wonderful companion plant forEchinocereus andEscobaria cacti species. During the beautiful season it's good to enrich the soil using a fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorous, but poor in nitrogen, because this chemical element doesn't help the development of succulent plants, making them too soft and full of water.

Propagation: Suckers or seed.

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