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Agave snow leopard

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Agave Snow Leopard goes by the common name “Mangave”. The succulent is lance-shaped and grows up as a rosette with colorful pattern stripes. The plant has its origin in Southern Mexico and belongs to the family of Asparagaceae. Agave Snow Leopard offers a dormancy of winters and can grow up to a height of 18 inches.

Growth Rate

Agave Snow Leopard is a fast-growing plant, and at the same time, its nurturing does not require much time or effort.


This variety of Agave is known for its blue and green-colored flowers that bloom and thrive in the summer season.

Watering and Feeding

This succulent has minimal water needs but needs to be watered till the time they are well-settled in the container or pot. Feed the plant during the summer growing season.


Use a soil mix that has added compost and organic material. Whether potting or garden soil, make sure it does not retain any water and is well-drained.


Mangave plants grow best in winters, keeping in mind their frost tolerance of 25° F (-3.8° C). They belong to the hardiness zone of 9 to 11.


Agave Snow Leopard prefers full to partial sun exposure. Planting in a garden spot with bright sun accessibility is ideal for the plant’s growth.


This succulent propagates by producing new “pups” or, as we say, rosette offsets around its base. You can pull off these rosettes and transplant them in another pot.

Agave Snow Leopard “Mangave” is a great specimen plant for outdoor growing, and the more sun you expose it to, the darker the cherry-red spots on the foliage tend to develop. Perfect for a deck, porch, or even a patio, these plants are unique in a way that they can easily be grown in containers.

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