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Century Plant - Agave Blue Glow

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Agave Blue Glow has a common name 'Century Plant.' It has its origin in California and belongs to the Agavaceae family. The solitary rosette-shaped plant is known to flower rarely. But, when it does, the Century plant looks its best. The leaves are bluish-green and known for their thickness margined by a red-toothed outer line and a thinner yellow line. This winter-dormant species requires full sun exposure to reach a typical height of 18 inches.

Growth Rate

Agave Blue Glow has a fast growth rate.

How often do Century plants bloom?

The flowers of this plant vary in color from green to red. They bloom once in a lifetime and then immediately die.

Watering and Feeding

The Century plant is drought-tolerant. But, it requires regular watering, especially during spring and summer. During winters, watering should be minimal.


The soil can be slightly acidic and dry for Century plants. The best is to go with rocky and well-drained soil. When planting indoors, ensure that the container is larger than the foliage.


The hardiness zone of these succulents is 9a to 11b, and the frost tolerance is up to -12 ° C (10.4° F).


Agave Blue Glow grows well in full sun exposure.


Propagation of this variety of Agave is not typical. Seed propagation is not ideal, while the mother plant bears no pups. When the plant dies, it is best to buy a new plant.

A full floral Agave Blue Glow is rewarding as the flower spikes are elegant. Ideal as a decorative plant indoors and in your garden.

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