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Aloe descoingsii

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Aloe descoingsii x Aloe haworthioides is a fairly easy compact miniature hybrid that clusters quickly from the base. The flowers are pale yellowish-pink or orange, tubular with extended filaments and inconspicuous on a short, graceful stem in late summer and autumn.

Cultivation: Aloe descoingsii x hawothioides is a most rewarding pot plant. It is relatively easy to cultivate under a wide variety of climatic conditions provided it is planted in a well-drained situation given adequate water but not over-watered. It enjoys light-shade and clumps readily. It may be grown in full sun too but protect in summer from afternoon sun, and avoid reflected heat. Plants grown outdoor can withstand light frost and prolonged drought and can survive often for several seasons without water, at which point the leaves turn a reddish color, a sign generally associated with stress. Frost hardy to -2°C.
Maintenance: Removal of old flower stalks; During the winter months, the plants should be grown cool to initiate flower development (about 5-10°C ).
Reproduction: Usually by cuttings, it is also possible the propagation from seed which germinates easily if sown in well drained soil and covered lightly with fine sand. Seedlings grow fast, reaching flowering size in three to four years. Seeds must be sown as fresh as possible. Fresh seeds germinate quickly at 18°C.

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