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Aeonium haworthii 'Kiwi'

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Famous by its common name ‘Aeonium Kiwi,’ the Aeonium haworthii belongs to the Crassulaceae family. This summer-dormant succulent has its origin in the Canary Islands. The Aeonium kiwi rarely grows beyond the height of 60cm to 90cm. With full sun exposure, the tip of the leaves turns red, while in partial shade, the spoon-like leaves in variegated rosette shape are a mix of vibrant yellow and green.

Growth Rate

The kiwi succulent grows at a slow rate in the outdoors and indoors. It grows in a small pot or a big planter to fill the entire space when placed indoors. In the outdoors, the plant grows in shrubs.


During the blooming season that is winter and spring, the tri-color Aeonium Kiwi bears yellow-colored flowers.

Watering and Feeding

During the dormant season, that is, summer, the kiwi cutting does not require watering until it is too dry whereas, during winters, the succulent requires enough water to stay hydrated. During the growing season, Aeonium Kiwi requires moderate watering and liquid feed once every two weeks.


Aeonium Kiwi requires well-drained soil for healthy growth. Even in poor soil conditions, like sandy and dry soil, the succulent does not disappoint.


Aeonium haworthii Kiwi has a frost tolerance level of -1.1° C (30.02° F). The hardiness zone for this plant is 9a to 11b.


The kiwi succulent requires full and direct sunlight to grow and stay healthy. As a potted houseplant, it should be placed near windows for indirect sunlight.

How to propagate Aeonium kiwi?

Cutting of the rosette stem-tip is ideal for propagation.

Aeonium haworthii Kiwi is an excellent choice for a succulent or a rock garden. The tri-color can be a show-stopper on the window sill too. Not too demanding, it needs enough water and sunlight to maintain its colorful beauty.

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