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Adenium socotranum desert rose

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Adenium socotranum is one of the more rare varieties of ‘Desert Rose’. A native of Socotra island in the Indian ocean, this plant belongs to the Apocynaceae family. Its bulbous-shaped truck and twiggy branches make it identifiable. Growing up to 10 to 16 feet in height, this winter-dormant plant is one of the most beautiful succulent plants.

There are several types of Desert Rose, with the most popular being , and

Growth Rate

The growth rate of Adenium socotranum is slow, but it reaches incredible heights. 


This succulent plant blooms in a lovely pink color in the early spring season.

Water and Feeding/Fertilizer

Desert rose plants do not need excess water. However, lack of water creates problems in their growth. They need weekly watering during summers. 


The desert rose thrives in well-drained soil.


This variety of succulents belongs to the hardiness zone of 10a to 11b and has a frost tolerance of 0° C (32° F).


Adenium socotranum needs full sun to grow. When planted indoors, it needs a maximum of 6 hours of bright light. 


The Desert rose plant can be propagated through the cutting of branches or from seeds.

Adenium Socotranum ‘Desert Rose’ is a perfect succulent to add a decorative feel to any space. Suitable for both indoors & outdoors, this plant is a pure gem. 

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