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Adenia venenata

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This unique plant is easy to grow, although it grows slightly better in nature than in a pot, but you will love it either way! The Adenia venenata should be grown in a large pot with a well-draining mix. During the vegetative period, be sure to let it dry between waterings. This plant requires intense light, but you should protect it from the blasting summer sun. This unique plant can be grown as a bonsai.

  • Hardiness: In winter, keep it dry at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius (even if it is resistant to short frosts).
  • Propagation: Seeds or herbaceous cuttings. Leave the cutting surface to dry well before planting.
  • Warning: Handle with care because it is a poisonous plant.
  • Uses: The plant is widely cultivated near villages for its medicinal and tribal uses. Adenia venenata is used to treat intestinal worms. In Kenya, Turkana people use the leaves to treat cattle suffering from mange. Fruit possibly edible.


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