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2 Inch Ruschia Pulvinaris

$1.10 USD

Commonly known as the “Creeping Shrubby Ice Plant”, Ruschia pulvinaris is a perennial succulent from the Aizoaceae family. Having its origin in South Africa, this beautiful succulent is winter-dormant. It grows up to 3-5 inches in height. It will make your patio look charming.

Shrubby Ice plant blooms in pink color in the summer season. They can instantly uplift the feel of any area.

These plants appreciate regular watering to thrive. You can cease watering post the primary growing season as they do not need any kind of maintenance throughout the year.

Plant Ruschia pulvinaris in well-draining soil. As this succulent is prone to root rot, heavy clay does not suit it.

These creeping plants are hardy in zones 6a to 10b. This variety is frost hardy which means they can survive in colder months.

This succulent grows the best in full sun. Expose it to bright sunlight for amazing results.

This charming succulent can be propagated from seeds or cuttings in the spring months.

Ruschia pulvinaris or “Creeping Shrubby Ice plant” can give any garden the right touch of beauty.

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